About Us

Marigene believes in collaboration for the benefit of everyone’s success.

An emerging industry like Cannabis, means we all play a role in setting a new standard for business operations – one that benefits all people involved.  We are always looking for great collaborative opportunities – let us know how you’d like to get involved.

We contribute to the Open Cannabis Project (www.opencannabisproject.org) because at the core, we believe that access to Cannabis for all is essential if the full potential of the plant is to be realized.

How best to use cannabis is a social issue; an issue that can be enlightened by science. Ultimately the use of cannabis for any purpose should be informed, in part, at the genetic level, just as many plants in our society are understood, in order to guide level headed, fact-based discourse in the interest of the public. We stand behind that by choosing to contribute a minimum of 2% of gross profit to select causes and efforts that advance the best interests of the public.