How It Works

Leverage tools to Breed, Protect, and Improve Efficacy

How best to leverage the new genetic data will be based on your unique pursuits.  We’ll discuss how to use your talents and knowledge in combination with the genotype and genetic markers to develop the tools to achieve these pursuits.  Using a blend of known and proprietary genetic markers, we’ll create a tailored program to get there.

Strain Identification Process

The first step to building tools to breed, protect, or improve efficacy is to identify your strain by genotyping its DNA.




Depending on your location and local regulations, leaf samples can be collected via one of our lab partners or we arrange to make DNA at your site. For on-site collections, only DNA will be removed or transported from your site.

We use Next-Generation Sequencing techniques to determine the genetic identity of your strain. The result is a high resolution genotype, unique to each plant.  Genotype data is then referenced against the known genetics of hundreds of strains to determine your plants heredity and genetic stability.

We’ll assemble a report, outlining your strains place in the known genetic family tree and its genetic stability, complete with analysis targeting your specific goals.  This includes to what extent your strain is inbred, which of those genes confer specific wanted and unwanted properties, and how and what genes can be combined in new ways.