What are DNA Marker Screens?

DNA Markers are robust tools that can rapidly characterize a plant's genetic properties, including heredity and stability. This is ideal for comparing and identifying your plant catalogue. Our PCR-based marker screens are available for: plant sex, active THC:CBD alleles and combos, flowering time locus, and terpene production.

Our tailored PCR primers and DNA Marker Screens are utilized to meet your individual goals and are key to accelerating your plant's improvement.

Why use DNA Marker Screens?

Improving and capitalizing on your plant's commercial value drives long term value.  DNA marker screens can improve operational efficiencies, increase accuracy of plant selection, and accelerate time to market for your best 'strains.'

How do I get started?

Contact us to learn more about modern genomics as a tool for plant improvement and operational efficiency. Pricing is based on the extent of your project.