Trait development, strain stabilization, product branding… Just a few of the reasons for understanding your strains genetic potential.  Knowing the specific genes that give a strain its desirable properties opens a door to tailor-made tools and a depth of possibility.

How can we help?

Strain Identification

Genetic Strain Identification – also called a “fingerprint” – produces a genotype, the necessary information required to develop tools unique to your plants.  We’ll provide a report outlining your strains place in the known genetic family tree and its genetic stability, complete with analysis targeting your specific goals.

Genetic stability

Is your strain stable enough to produce reliable, replicable results?  To license? Brand? Secure seeds, in case of disaster? To breed for other desirable traits?

Knowing the genetic stability of your strain opens the doors to untold possibilities.

Heredity & Origin

Find out where your strain stacks up on the family tree, by understanding which lineage branch your strain most readily groups with.

Discover parent and grandparent origins.


R&D Support

We help develop the tools needed to guide trait development, selection, and improvement.  By taking full advantage of your Strain Identification, we can support

 • Breeding for specific traits

 • Strain Stabilization

 • Clone to seed propagation

 • Path to product certification

Using results from the genetic Strain Identification paired with genetic markers, we can tell what makes your plant unique.  Marker Assisted Breeding techniques provide the research foundation required for the development of:


Product & Strain Authentication:

The “best” strains, and the products that use them, have specific combinations of certain genes that give them superior qualities. Leveraging your Strain Identification results, a reference set of genetic markers can be created to certify a plant, a strain, or entire harvest, providing you with a new level of product assurance.

Using a strain’s unique genetics, authenticating your product or strain adds value by assuring customers get what they paid for.