What is plant identification?

Plant Identification using genomics relates to your plant's genetic lineage and overall plant stability. We identify a plant genetically using either a PCR marker or GBS (Genotype by Sequencing), paired with bioinformatics. Identification differs by technique offering advantages to different scenarios.

Why identify your plant?

Genetic Strain Identification - also called a “fingerprint” - produces a genotype, the necessary information required to develop tools unique to your plants.  Our report will outline your plant's place in the known genetic family tree and its genetic stability, which is the first step to developing tools to breed more efficiently, to protect your IP, or to simply know its lineage.

How can I submit my plant?

We process the DNA either at the customer's site or at a central location. We provide customers a drying kit to properly prep the plant material for processing. We require two small, newly formed leaves, about the size of a quarter. Pricing begins at $250 with reduced pricing for 12+ samples.